Cargo Handling at Mini-Warehouse

Wong Chuk Hang Mini Storage: Take notes on the products out of the storage house the first. After a classification, the products are placed on their designated shelves. If you do not want to have any contact at all with the surface of your goods, then use cushion tape. Employees of warehouses must always be aware of deadlines.

First, it is important to understand that the account will be divided into several categories after the division. These include: labor, materials, supplies and raw products, etc. Afterwards, accounts are separated into different categories and classified by categories. Depending on statistics regarding the water quantity or access frequency in second class, we then divide the accounts according to their major classifications. If you want to avoid having to deal with the entire storehouse staff, it is best to place as many of the small items as possible in the first mini-storage. You should pay attention when you place the office products in the Mini-warehouse District. They should fit the delivery cycle, and also have some space left. It is important to consider the volume of goods and materials that are sent out.

To guarantee that there are no substandard raw materials, finished goods, or storage. The database of raw materials and products finished to be below standard. For raw materials, warehouse keepers are responsible for their duties. Storehouse management officers are responsible for accepting the completed product, hair, pipes and other returned goods. Staff responsible for the storehouse management of substandard goods such as hair, pipes, or substandard goods.

The Mini-Warehouse is a management system designed for the hair storage, the collection and the hair storage.