DUI Attorneys in Fort Lauderdale Protect Your Rights and Future

DUI, or driving under the influences of alcohol and drugs is a serious crime that may have life altering consequences. Fort Lauderdale has strict DUI laws. If you are charged with DUI, it can mean fines, suspensions of licenses or even prison. For help navigating through the court system to protect you and your future as well as navigate the complexity of the law, it is vital that you hire an experienced Ft Lauderdale DUI Lawyers.

1. DUI Laws are a specialty.

DUI lawyers Fort Lauderdale concentrate on Florida DUI laws. It is important that they have a thorough understanding of both the criminal and civil laws governing DUI, as well as the available defenses. The expertise they have allows them to offer you the most accurate advice.

2. Defense Strategy – Building A Strong Defense Strategy

DUI lawyers have a primary duty to develop a customized defense plan that fits your particular situation. Their job is to carefully review the evidence in your case, such as police reports, breathalyzer or field sobriety result, and any witness statements. If your lawyer is able to find weaknesses in prosecution’s evidence, he can build a case that will lead to reduced charges and even dismissal.

3. Protection of Your Rights

A DUI lawyer is well versed in defending your rights all throughout the legal procedure. In addition, they will verify that all procedures were followed by law enforcement during the arrest of you. For example, if a traffic stop was conducted legally and sobriety exams administered correctly. The suppression of evidence can be a result of violations to your rights.

4. Negociating with Prosecutors

DUI attorneys who have experience negotiating with prosecutors can work to obtain reduced charges or other sentencing alternatives. Negotiations with prosecutors can often result in less severe penalties as well as a more favorable conclusion.

5. Court Representation

The DUI lawyer you choose will be your spokesperson in front the jury or judge when your case comes to court. You can expect them to present your case with persuasiveness, casting doubt on any prosecution evidence. In defending you, their experience in courtrooms is priceless.

To conclude, hiring a DUI lawyer in Fort Lauderdale to defend your rights is an important step. Expertise and commitment can improve your chance of getting a good outcome.

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