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Your Wedding Gown brought you joy once, now share that joy by donating it to help Haiti!
Our parish will use your donation to help support our  charitable work in Haiti!

We are now actively seeking donations of wedding gowns from Brides and Bridal Shops 
in order to raise money for our Haiti Fund.  Gowns must be no older than 7 years old or vintage (at least thirty years old) and in excellent condition to qualify for donation. We also gratefully accept prom gowns and quinceneara gowns.

If you are very attached to your wedding gown, but still want to make a donation, please know that we appreciate your sacrifice.  You can have confidence that your gowns will  be used to help the Haitians! 


Our Brides For Haiti Donations Director is Patti Bohr. If you would like to make a donation, please mail your gown to Patti Bohr,  (For St. Mary's), 17204 Whites Road,  Poolesville MD 20837.

Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope. We will promptly send you a tax receipt. If you don't need a tax receipt, simply omit the envelope.

It is not required but it would be very helpful if you washed your gown at your home before you shipped it to us. This surprises many brides but it is really easy to do. Please  pre-spot the hem and any other visibly soiled areas, turn your gown inside out and wash in your washing machine on warm water. Hang your gown to dry. If your gown is silk, please do not wash it.

Questions? Please e
mail Patti at

Your help will be a wonderful blessing!  Thank you!

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